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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bad Taste Memorial Chapel

Before I continue with my adventures in the Caribbean, I just wanted to share something I found on a recent trip to a friend's mother's memorial service on Long Island.

Imagine a parent or other loved-one killed in an explosion. Blasted to smithereens. There are the body parts, and you're wondering what to do. Well, this funeral home has the solution:


Yikes! Can any say CHANGE COPYWRITERS?


But wait, there's more! When I was in Trinidad, the famous UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES had a freshman student welcome night. Lots of private companies were pushing their wares on the new students. One of those companies was the British condom-maker DUREX. 

Besides giving away condoms up the wazoo, they provided new students with a chart, so they'd know how they... er... stand up to the competition. 

You could tell the chart was made by whitefolks who never even shared a locker with our darker skinned brothers-- let alone measured one erected. They've got "Caucasians" as the largest... by a full centimeter. Jeezus! Not only is it dissing the mostly non-white audience of the Caribbean, it's just plain wrong. 

I guess it was meant for the British/American market, where they think the average white guy isn't gonna know.