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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

AUSTRALIA 1: waiting for the Supershuttle

This is the first post in my Australia-New Zealand odyssey. I've got about 3 hours until the Supershuttle comes to get me here in New York. The schedule is NY to Houston... I've then got an hour to catch the plane to Guam, then 5 hours to catch the one to Australia.

Keep returning to this blog for... er... blow by blow descriptions of my adventures. When I find it, I'll include the link to Berry's travel blog in Thailand.

The goals:

nookie: of course
picture with a kangaroo: for next years New Year's Card
make some bucks with book and t-shirt sales
meet some cool people
drink some cool beer
see some weird animals
go to the beach

and oh, did I say nookie?


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