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Monday, March 12, 2012


Chapter 4, Less than One week before (Continued)

Enjoying the good times may be fun, but it may also get you into trouble down the road, Aquarius. Be careful of spending all your resources on pleasure without setting something aside for leaner times. The company you keep could encourage your self-destructive behaviors. Since they know you'll always be in for a good time, you could get swept away by the energy of the crowd. Better to stick close to those who support healthier habits. --Today's Horoscope

I'm not quite as sick as I was when I started this blog series. But strange things are happening. I'm discovering I have huge power in the world, and am not sure how to control it. Here's the story:


Whenever I try to schedule a French lesson with my teacher... a friend and cousin to the woman in Senegal who sent me scalding email about my selfishness... and First Worldism... and then unceremoniously dumped me at some expensive Dakar hotel... whenever I try to schedule a lesson... or even dinner... with that cousin... she's SICK... has the flu... something that's going around. At first I believed it.... but now doubts are creeping in.

But what of my powers? Until I decided to go there, Senegal was a peaceful country. The ONLY African country never to have had a military coup. A model of African democracy. I plan my trip and what happens? POW! Riots in the street. Ten people killed. A president who won't step down after his constitutional term limits. Elections, and a run-off right before I arrive. The president is sure not to accept the results... unless he wins. What then? More rioting, I'm sure! And I did it!

In France, my first stop, only a few days to go. What happens? They close the country! Huge snowstorms... in March! The North under snow. Transportation canceled. This is March! You know... I love Paris in the Springtime! I did it.

My pal Nadav is an Israeli doctor who works in Newark but will soon work in Brooklyn. The plan was for him to take my apartment while I was gone. Pay me enough rent to cover my actual rent, take care of my mail... drink my beer... shuffle around so I won't have an empty space for the local thieves and vandals. What happens? Israel plans to invade Iran... bomb the uranium plants... Nadav goes to Israel to be with his family during the invasion... I can't see him before he goes and I don't know what's gonna happen to my apartment. Nadav, rightfully, has bigger things to consider. Invasion? I'm responsible.

More than that. When Israel invades, it'll be RETALIATION TIME. All my trip in Africa will be to Muslim countries... and they won't be happy. What better than a severed American head to help even the score? And, after all I AM responsible. If they send the head back, please mount it in an appropriate place. Formaldehyde will help.

During the past few decades, my lesbo touch has become notorious. Dozens of girls have turned... sometimes overnight... and I'm responsible. Après moi, la lesbienne. But now my powers have extended to the climate... to world politics... to war and peace. I am in control... but I cannot control my control. What's next?

I'll tell you what's next. Sunspots... sunstorms. Yes, Solar storms... affecting computers, microwaves, cellphone communication, TV, radio, everything. The worst in 50 years! And I did it! Not only changing the course of earth's history... but changing the course of the solar system's history. THAT is the POWER OF MYKEL!!!

Next entry from some other country.:

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