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Saturday, May 09, 2009

At the Rebel Shop

Now that I'm back in NY, I don't have time to keep up this blog. It always happens. I start reporting trips, but never finish. You just have to read the columns, I guess. 

But one thing I want to show you is what I picked up at THE REBEL SHOP

in Laurens South Carolina. 

The first is an actual membership application to the INVISIBLE EMPIRE of the INTERNATIONAL KNIGHTS of the KU KLUX KLAN

I'm happy to say that I don't qualify, not being "a White person of Non-Jewish ancestry." I'll just keep the application as a souvenir.

The second amazing scan is a postcard I picked up at the same spot. Here's the front of it:

And the back:

It's interesting that the headquarters are NOT in South Carolina, but in Pennsylvania. Makes you wonder 'bout them Quakers, huh?


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