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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Albania 2: Another disappointment

Another setback. One of my goals was to visit the MUSEUM OF ATHEISM in the North of Albania. And now, The Wall Street Journal (I read it RELIGIOUSLY) has reported:

Sunday morning in the city of Shkodra(sp): The Roman Catholic
Cathedral stands shrouded in stucco, still a sports hall. The
Museum of Atheism has closed -- and reopened as a branch of
the Democratic Party. But nearby, at the end of a dirt alley,
a mass is in progress at the Church of the Madonna of the

Terrible!!! I was fantasizing what would be displayed in the museum. Maybe just rooms with white walls and nothing in them. Minimalist paintings? I donno... and now my chance is lost!

1 comment:

Beyond Belief said...

Hilarious!! I would have gone out of my way to visit, too!