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Monday, October 05, 2009

Albania 3 Leaving: Board's Law

BOARD'S LAW: Even when nothing can go wrong... it STILL will go wrong.

I was packed early. Double checked the list. Ready to go. Went to bed later than usual last night, taking 2 allergy pills, so I could begin to adjust to the time change. I had a nice Chinese dinner with Marilyn. We discovered an amazing carved carrot bird on her plate. (Sorry, no picture.) Then, I fell asleep at about 2:30AM. Woke naturally about 10:30. So what could go wrong???

A COLD SORE! Over night, appearing like a tarantula crawling on my mouth. THE DAY THAT I LEAVE!! Meeting new people, yeah right. You wanna say hello to someone with a tarantula on his face? This is gonna be some trip!

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